Valentine’s Day Ad Overload

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I never recall V-Day multimedia advertising efforts infiltrating my life as insistently and invasively as present day. While most holidays prompt a seasonal assault of reminders, none can match the intensity and focus in which Valentine’s Day ads invade the world. Part of the alleged appeal of the holiday is centered on the preservation of the tradition of certain romantic gift purchases, and other romantic expense related transactions. As a result, stores and specialty shops know exactly what items people are in the market for.

Location: Car

Objective: Work Commute

Offenders: Radio, Billboards

There are few experiences as undesirable as the pre-caffeinated exposure to unsettling low-budget radio advertisements. Within the span of 20 minutes, there were blocks of competing radio spots calling attention to gifts ranging from diamonds to adult novelties, which is unacceptable, but the day had only just begun. After passing a few jewelry billboards and a shop exclaiming “perfect flower arrangements”, the destination was reached, and all was assumed to be safe.

Location: Desk

Objective: Productivity

Offender: Email

Email alert 9:15am: Living Social Deal “83% off Heart-Shaped Necklace.”

Email alert 10:30am: “A Valentine’s Day Gift from Spotify”

Email alert 11:41am: “A heartfelt Valentine’s Day Gift from Massage Envy”

Email alert 1:29pm: “Take 10% Off the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift at Rogers and Hollands”

Email alert 4:01pm: “Flowers of Canterbury Inc- Hurry Valentine’s Day is Almost Here.”

Email alert 4:35pm: “This Valentine’s Day Say it With Music-Spotify.”

Normally emails of this sort would pass along unnoticed and unopened. This time the email clutter became a distraction due to the related subject matter. These concerns and frustration were expressed to nearby co-workers, which resulted in reactions of both marvel and disappointment.

Location: Desk

Objective: Research

Offender: Online Radio, Banner Ads

In the midst of research, online music was frequently interrupted to make way for online flower shop advertisements. Apparently there is a website entitled 1-800-FLOWERS for those who prefer to forgo a simple general area search to find a nearby florist.

While researching news articles, banner ads clung to nearly every site I looked at. The ads stayed true to a couple highly sought after Valentine’s Day gifts: Edible Arrangements and jewelry. In all honesty, the chocolate dipped fruit started to look appealing…

Location: Desk

Objective: Lunch

Offender: Seriously Disturbing Bear Ad

As if all of the above couldn’t already have been enough, there’s this ad. As someone brought the ad to the attention of the room, one couldn’t help question the hope for human kind.


Traumatic experiences with these holiday reminders may cause people to pose the question: Why Valentine’s Day? Perhaps this is the only holiday where gift giving is very traditional. Chances are if there were rigid traditional Christmas gifts, people everywhere would be at the mercy of redundant, specific, reminders. Rant over.


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