Super Bowl Promotions Take Over Social Media…and Hotels

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More often than not, Super Bowl commercials receive more attention than the game itself. Each year, advertisers commandeer every available opportunity for affiliation imaginable. The hope of becoming a popular topic of conversation is the reason companies spend nearly $4 million (in 2013) for a 30 second spot. However, supplementing promotional efforts often represent another controversial and buzz-worthy category of their own.

The Bud Light Hotel

Fans that tune into the regular season, know that Bud Light is the self-proclaimed “Official Beer of the NFL”.  That said, grand gestures are typically within the realm of expectations for audiences. For the second year, the brand is hosting a Bud Light Hotel near the big game, boasting the ultimate party experience. January 31st will mark the opening of a 200-room hotel in New Orleans to start the festivities early. The brand will host the EA Sports Madden Bowl shortly after the opening, as well as concerts featuring Flo Rida, Pitbull, and Stevie Wonder. Additionally, the concerts will be broadcast on MySpace. In return, the brand hopes to generate audience participation and a following throughout the campaign.

Papa John’s Coin Toss Experience

Once again, Papa John’s has decided to forgo the pricey Super Bowl ads and secured a unique opportunity in the game to capture consumer attention. The prospect of free pizza has inspired fans to visit Papa John’s website to cast a prediction for the coin toss outcome at the big game. Those who guess right receive a promotion code for a gift of large cheesy deliciousness (+1 topping). Once again, they have drafted Peyton Manning for the spokesperson role. This time, his father (legendary) Archie Manning has joined as well.

Guide to winning the “Papa John’s Coin Toss Experience” Promotion:

Step 1

: Sign up and vote heads or tails at the Papa John’s website.

Step 2

: Recruit a friend and advise them to vote for the opposite side of the coin. Form a pizza alliance, which guarantees each vote free pizza. Be aware that although the percentage of pie has dropped by 50%, the amount of post-gluttonous shame drops by the same percentage.


Step 3

: Enter the promotional code the next day. Order pizza. Taste victory.

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest

For the seventh year in a row, Doritos is leaving the creation/selection of game day commercials entirely up to the fans.  In years past, winning commercials tend to be amongst the best received and topical during the Super Bowl. This year contest winners receive $1 million, along with an invitation to join Michael Bay on the set of the next Transformers movie. Submissions are judged on originality, creativity, adherence to creative assignment, and overall appeal. As a result, the Doritos brand doesn’t have to use any creative energy, and people get to see the ads they’ve chosen.



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