Software Executive Insight Survey

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Waterstone Management Group is hosting a Software Executive Insight Survey, and software industry professionals here are invited to take the survey.

There’s a lot more to developing and marketing software than just coding and throwing it up on a website. The best strategy for product development and go-to-market is a moving target however, and what works for one group may not work for another. In the go-go, hectic dotcom boom days of the ’90s, all you needed was a cool idea, but today we’ve gotten past that. You need a rigorous strategy, a strong understanding of your marketplace, and a plan for getting the product into the hands of people who are willing to give you actual dollars and cents for your creation.

Waterstone Management Group, a tech-focused, boutique strategic advisory firm, is hosting a Software Executive Insight Survey to get some unique insights and benchmarks. We at are looking forward to reading the results and sharing them with you when they’re available, and software industry professionals here are invited to take the survey.

The survey scope is enterprise-wide, and includes areas such as product development, research and development, marketing and sales, cloud services, professional services, and customer support. All you need to do to participate is select the area you’re responsible for and answer the questions that are specific to your area. The survey is available on Waterstone’s website. Results will be published in early 2013, and names of participants and their companies are kept anonymous.


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