Most Epic Video Game Sequels of All Time- Part 1: Old School

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It was a quiet Wednesday that was inching by when suddenly, I posed the question: What are the greatest video game sequels of all time? Of course everyone immediately had a strong opinion about everything. So from the ashes of the post-apocalyptic Techie staff debate of the issue, I’ve managed to secure this document, which is a tribute to hours fallen in honor of games revisited. Gamers, I hope that this finds you and finds you well.

Our selections were made based on a few different, specific criteria that included game evolution, storyline, gameplay, and overall awesomeness. This article is a borderline coherent combination of breakdowns and passionate rants on the subject.

Mega Man X

This classic series revamp introduced the ability to dash along the ground, blaster charge, scale walls, and obtain armor attachments making X increasingly powerful. Players choose the order of eight levels with changing environments dependent on that order. In short: Hidden armor capsules, awesome weapons, and Chill Penguin.

Staff Rant:

“Four of my top 10 most exciting childhood memories are represented by the discovery of each Dr. Light capsule in this game.”

Grand Theft Auto III

All the violence and debauchery players admired from its predecessors set in a 3D open world for the first time in the series. It became the top selling game of 2001. This evolutionary leap also introduced a lineage of characters that would make appearances in future GTA games.

Staff Rant:

“My favorite part – the cheat codes. There was big head mode, tiny head mode, flying mode, crazy people mode….”

Super Mario Brothers 3

We’ll just pretend that nothing from Super Mario Bros. 2 ever really happened at all if that’s okay with you. Really, no one wants to throw vegetables at each other, or hover with Princess Toadstool. Super Mario Brothers 3 erased all that with the introduction of world maps, feathers, item boxes, games, and warp whistles.

Staff Rant:

“Two words: Frog Suits.”

MortalCombatMortal Kombat 2

The original Mortal Kombat caused quite the controversy with the introduction of “blood code” and the infamous execution style “fatalities”. In response, Mortal Kombat 2 unleashed the “multiple fatalities feature”. Plus, the gameplay was about twice as fast as the original. Over time, the game was released for eight different consoles.

Staff Rant:

“Get Over here!”


FinalFantasyFinal Fantasy VII

The development of Final Fantasy VII began in 1994. It was originally intended to be released on the Super NES, but was moved to the Nintendo 64. However, N64 cartridges didn’t have the capacity for the amount of storage required. Therefore, PlayStation was called upon for the honor.

Staff Rant:

“The greatest game of my young life: Four discs and infinite hours. Looking back, my stupid game characters kept leveling up, but I would still die at every boss battle. Still, I kept on playing no matter what. It played on my emotions.”

“Final Fantasy VII set the stage for future Final Fantasy games, and really for future RPGs in general… It’s remarkable, because in reality, when you go back now, you realize everything is just blocks. It’s so simple. It’s pure genius.”


Good video game sequels are everywhere. The best ones give a nod to their predecessors while propelling the series far beyond expectations. The most epic follow-ups of all time are the ones that are revisited, and keep getting better.


Chris is a graduate of Ball State University, where he studied Journalism and Advertising. As a staff writer he brings his love for snazzy word combinations to Techie, meanwhile suppressing the continuous urge to generate puns. In his free time, Chris is likely reading, accepting food challenges, performing Spartan exercise maneuvers, or crafting new music on guitar and the occasional dub step on GarageBand.

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