Foundation 4, so new they’re still spanking it to get it to cry

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Yesterday, February 28th at exactly 4 p.m. E.S.T a new generation of rapid code prototyping was born. For those of you who may or may not have heard, Foundation, a simple yet powerful coding framework, brought its newest version into the world. Foundation bore its fourth version and the parents at Zurb could not be any prouder, and neither can we. Foundation has already brought so much joy to the world with fully scalable, flexible 12-column grid-layout system that is simple to understand and easily nested. The flexible grid means that taking your design from a desktop to a phone is completely seamless, as it cuts out the need for any extra css files. Foundation already does a wonderful job of supplying you with the basic css, js, or a compass gem with scss, if you’re so inclined.

Foundation 4 comes with some brand spanking new syntax for the grid and the function is the same as Foundation 3, but comes with some new classes to make styling even simpler. It has both a small and large-scale grid with both a small offset and large offset, which creates a break-space between grid elements and a small and large option for grid centering. The source ordering works the same as Foundation 3, but in the opposite order (“Strike that, reverse it”). Since version 4 wants to take advantage of the ever increasing web traffic of smart phones the code is meant to focus on the smaller screen size, which then is reordered for larger screen sizes using the .push-# syntax. It also comes with some new code, including one of my favorites, flex-video, a new style that allows embedded videos to scale appropriately and a switch, which is styled to look like an iOS device switch, just ‘cause.

So are you wondering what the bill is going to be for taking this swaddling bundle of joy home? Well, it may not be pretty, but you can get your very own Foundation 4 for the hefty price of free. Yes, you heard correctly, free. Foundation 4, like the previous versions of Foundation, is released under the MIT license, which means you can go to town on creating your own websites with ease. You can download it from the official website where you can customize your download or you can get all of the files over at gihub.

Can it really be that amazing? Well Foundation 4 is new, really new, so there are a few small snags one may encounter, like some download package issues, but as you can see from their twitter feed, the doctors are working out all of the little issues, but the baby is still safe to bring home.


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