Carpe diem! Cornering the Direct Sales Market Virtually

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Many, many moons ago direct sales was a much harder endeavor than it is today. Sellers, or peddlers as they were often referred to, had to lug their goods around from town to town in order to try to sell their merchandise. Sometimes they had horses, buggies, and later cars, but the seller still did a lot of They had to knock on doors, often being slightly intrusive if the person behind the door was not interested in what they were selling. Throughout the years, direct sales has gotten more savvy with the rise of technology, especially social media, people working for direct sales companies have it easier than ever before.

Today direct sales consultants no longer peddle their goods – they advertise them on the Internet, just like the big businesses do. Using Internet tools such as social media is extremely affordable if not entirely free. Facebook offers a $10 a day budget to advertise your company page, which is fairly cheap compared to some advertising campaigns out there. A direct salesperson can also use Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Digg, and the many other sites available to get potential customers to notice their product. The benefits include

  • Increased exposure for your company
  • More traffic and subscribers
  • Better search ratings
  • Qualified Leads
  • Reduced marketing budget
  • Improved Sales

The biggest expense with using social media and other Internet resources to peddle your goods seems to be time, and that is entirely up to the person who is using it. Studies show direct connections between the amount of time spent using social media marketing and the amount of time a person has been using social media in general. The time increases with exposure. There is also a direct connection between the sales person’s age and the amount of effort they put into social media. Young sales people tend to be more avid users of social media.

Some even choose to connect with established bloggers. Erin Ferguson with Perfectly Posh said, “I’ve been able to promote my business by connecting with bloggers who have a large following. The blogger hosts a giveaway, review, and spotlight of Perfectly Posh. It has been a great way to get my name out there and draw readers to my site!” A direct seller may also want to start their own blog, and thanks to sites like Google’s Blogger, starting your own blog is simple and free. Sheana Buschman, another Perfectly Posh consultant said, “I use and it allows me space to show any current private deals, sales, and discussions beyond Facebook.”

For example, J.R. Cohen, owner of a Houston-based coffee shop called CoffeeGroundz lit upon a brilliant way to use Twitter to engage his customers by accident when a customer asked if he could place a “to go” order via Tweet. Cohen took that order and kept on taking them, because it makes the process of ordering and receiving goods extremely easy and guarantees that his customers who use Twitter will spend more time engaging with CoffeeGroundz in that way. Some direct sales could benefit greatly from employing this tactic.

There are so many choices out there, and with so many ways to learn about said choices, people become overwhelmed. Make your Facebook page different from the others. Use your Twitter feed in a creative way. Seize opportunities to be original and innovative, and you and your product will stand out from sundry others populating the social media universe.


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