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The Digital Magicians: It’s A Kind Of Magic

October 29, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Dispute the definitions if you want to – lots of people have – but there’s something to be said for this famous third law of Sir Arthur Clarke, the “big three” science-fiction writer and futurist whose many contributions range from “2001: A Space …


Crowdfunding 2014 Report: It’s Here!

October 28, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, October 27, 2014 – Market Intelligence, in partnership with Ugly Dog Media, announced today the release of its latest market research report, “Crowdfunding 2014 Annual Market Research Results.” The report, which surveyed entrepreneurs around the world who have, or are considering equity crowdfunding options, focuses on the …


HBO Gives People What They Want

October 21, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

Last week, HBO announced their plans for a new stand-alone streaming service which will be launched in 2015. For decades, HBO has been tied to expensive premium cable and satellite packages. And due to the strong programming, many people were willing to incur that cost to keep up with their …


Kansas City: How hackers, techies and Google put KC on the map

October 14, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

As one of our Ten Emerging Tech Hubs of 2014, Kansas City, Missouri, has continued its forward motion into the shiny tech future. From its strong hacker community to the continued use of Google Fiber, as well as a strong IT professional network and opportunities for startups in incubators? This …


Innovation and “How We Got to Now”

October 13, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

We tend to think of innovation as that eureka! moment when an individual – Edison or Bell or Gates – had a completely discrete moment of clarity, a singular blinding brain explosion that was The One Big Idea. Not so, argues author Steven Johnson in his book, “How We Got to …


Canva changes the world of design

August 05, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

Ever since the first desktop publishing program appeared and replaced the heavy iron machinery that once dominated newsrooms and print shops, there has been a steady march towards fast and easy self-service. Today, the virtual priesthood of technology-based providers is rapidly giving way to the do-it-yourself crowd, and the quality …


Tag! You’re it with TechCamera

August 05, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

SpicyKey has bestowed a gift unto the iOS users of the world who require tagging technology that has ascended to the next level, and it’s called TechCamera.
Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons to desire a way to tag photos quickly. Sometimes the day is extremely enjoyable and you …


Ultimate Next: Your Life Is In Your Hands

July 16, 2014 / by / 3 Comments

We live our lives with our phones in our hands. While holding an entire schedule in the palm, it’s still strangely easy to forget things and let things slip through the cracks.  That’s especially true when putting events into the smartphone’s default calendar is a dull, time-consuming experience with software …