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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Nerds

October 01, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

Fan sites and pop culture-fueled web pages have traditionally served as destinations for heated nerd debates and enthusiastic fan banter. But in recent years, filmmakers have been able to build upon the enthusiasm of existing fan base by strategically using social media to evoke curiosity through “leaked” set photos.
The latest …


Clear Insight Report: Event Performance Management

September 30, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

OAKVILLE, ONT., September 30, 2014 – Clear Insight, a solutions provider specializing in bringing total solutions to the office of finance for international clients, announced today the release of its latest market research report, “Trends in Event Performance Management Finance Systems.” The report, which surveyed finance executives at venues throughout …


ProjectionHub designed with startup finances in mind

September 16, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

At ProjectionHub, an Indianapolis-based company dedicated to startup financing, it’s become a whole lot easier for entrepreneurs to create their financial projections for potential investors and lenders. ProjectionHub is a web-based app that helps entrepreneurs create those projections, using a software that is very similar to TurboTax in the way that …


Twitter tests in-app buy button

September 08, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

Twitter has announced that beginning Monday, some Tweets from their test partners will feature the much-awaited “buy” button that the company calls “an early step” in building more e-commerce functionality into the social media giant’s offerings. A small percentage of U.S. users are included in this early September test launch, and …


Canva changes the world of design

August 05, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

Ever since the first desktop publishing program appeared and replaced the heavy iron machinery that once dominated newsrooms and print shops, there has been a steady march towards fast and easy self-service. Today, the virtual priesthood of technology-based providers is rapidly giving way to the do-it-yourself crowd, and the quality …


Tag! You’re it with TechCamera

August 05, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

SpicyKey has bestowed a gift unto the iOS users of the world who require tagging technology that has ascended to the next level, and it’s called TechCamera.
Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons to desire a way to tag photos quickly. Sometimes the day is extremely enjoyable and you …


Ultimate Next: Your Life Is In Your Hands

July 16, 2014 / by / 3 Comments

We live our lives with our phones in our hands. While holding an entire schedule in the palm, it’s still strangely easy to forget things and let things slip through the cracks.  That’s especially true when putting events into the smartphone’s default calendar is a dull, time-consuming experience with software …


SpotCayman and SpotNegril Enhance Caribbean Vacations

May 19, 2014 / by / 1 Comment

Let’s face it. Even though we know we shouldn’t, most of us still take our smart phones out during vacation and likely waste a little bit of time on them. It’s not that we’re bored, so much as we’ve been conditioned to use our devices for so much that it’s …